Sunday, September 5, 2010

On The Streets of Polk County: Kemp and His Boat

Kemp Brinson of Winter Haven, FL uses his bike to pull his boat (which he made himself).
I met Kemp the other night during a Pecha Kucha event in Lakeland. Kemp gave a 20x20 presentation which included the photo above (taken by his wife, Melissa Brinson). The crowd went wild. Kemp was kind enough to submit his photo to Lakeland Cycle Chic. Thanks, are true inspiration!


  1. Tammy,

    How did you find out about the Pecha Kucha event? Sounds fun!

  2. wow that is some crazy hauling!!
    here in SF we have a Polk street, I ride on that street everyday :D

    thx for the link, will ad your blog to my reader
    bike hugs!